Do you often find yourself caught up in negative thinking?

Do you expect unrealistic things of yourself?

Does the pace of your life at times feel often overwhelming?

If yes, then join me for this rare opportunity to take time, just for yourself, to put down your responsibilities, settle into the silence that a retreat offers, and listen to the innate wisdom of your own heart.


Research shows that mindfulness, regularly practised, reduces stress and anxiety, and increases self-awareness, focus and relaxation. Combined with qi gong at 3-day retreats, people often experience:

  • More vitality (chi) in the body

  • Increased self-compassion

  • Better sleep and improved well being

  • A more focused and still mind

  • Greater awareness of the ways we block our inherent happiness

You will receive full tuition and practice in:

  • How to practise sitting, walking and movement meditation

  • How to integrate mindfulness into your everyday life

  • Ways of grounding and ‘coming home to’ your own body

  • Managing emotions that can throw you off balance

  • Self-compassion practices and meditations

  • Awareness through movement lessons (on Saturday and Sunday evenings)

  • Simple qi gong practices that you can take home and use as practical tools for well being, stress reduction, and greater self- compassion.

qi gong and meditation at the aio wira centre



mindfulness meditation retreat with rachel tobin

This is a hugely valuable opportunity to create more intimacy with yourself. There will be time for you to reflect, to write, to consider.... to eat lovely vegetarian food.... to enjoy the sauna and spa.... to walk in the native bush... to be still.... and to benefit from the input of an experienced guide.

Mindfulness, the art of accessing the power of the 'now', is a wonderful way of calming your body, stilling your mind, and cultivating joy and wellbeing. If you have the tendency to lose yourself in over-thinking, or would simply relish time for balance and restoration, join me at the lovely Aio Wira Centre for a blend of mindfulness meditation and qi gong practices centred around the theme of self-compassion.  Qi gong is an ancient Taoist system designed to improve the flow of energy in the body, create vitality and concentrate the mind.  The qi gong practices we will learn include qi gong warm ups, qi gong self-massage, the six Taoist healing sounds, a compassion practice, and some medicine qi gong sequences. These will be all practices you can take away and use at home to relax and vitalise your body and mind.

You are welcome to join as much or as little of the scheduled programme as you wish; this is a retreat in which none of the usual social expectations are placed on you.  It offers you a very rare chance for you to come home to the OK-ness of yourself, just as you are.  We will begin each morning with qi gong warm- ups and stretches before breakfast, and finish each evening with an awareness through movement lesson. There will be time out for reflection and walks in the beautiful native bush as well as delicious vegetarian meals and access to a sauna and spa.  The retreat will be mostly in silence, although you are welcome to come and talk with me if you need to.

You may arrive any time from 4pm on Friday 24th April. We will begin formally with a meal (not silent!) that day at 6pm, and finish after lunch on Monday 27th April.

There is no religion, dogma or belief systems proposed in this retreat.  Emphasis is given not to theory, but to your own experience.  The retreat is suitable for beginners, and for those with experience in mindfulness meditation and qi gong.

EARLY BIRD: $545 (if paid by 31 January, 2020)

Full price: $595 (includes accommodation, lovely vegetarian meals, tuition, full use of sauna and spa)

PLEASE NOTE: For single or double room requests, or to hire linen/bedding, there is a surcharge, as follows:
Hire of linen/towels: $1 towel / day | $2 linen / day

Twin room: $10 extra per person / night
Single rooms (Including the very small hut, Whare Iti): $25 extra per person / night
Double room: $25 extra / room / night
2- bed cottage with bathroom: $75 extra / night for one person; $25 per person per night if 2 people share it.

TO BOOK, please click HERE . Please Email Rachel if you’d like to request a single double room etc.

Surcharge payments are paid by bank transfer into TSB 15 3959 0205579 80 with your NAME and AIO WIRA 2020 SURCHARGE somewhere in the reference fields.

Aio Wira Retreat Centre,
8 Aio Wira Road,


people say

"The combination of meditation and movement/body work with (mostly) silence was perfect for this 50-year old man. I left the retreat feeling lighter, moving slower and with an unfamiliar quietness in my head."
- Rob Cherry, Wellington

“The five-day silent mindfulness and qi gong retreat I did with Rachel was life-changing. It was incredible to experience such a sense of stillness and calm and at the same time to feel so energised and alive."
- K. W., Auckland

"Aio Wira provided the perfect setting for my introduction to mindfulness. Rachel generously shared her wisdom and knowledge while gently guiding me on my personal journey. A great foundation for me to continue to develop mindfulness and self-acceptance."
- Lesia Walliss, Auckland

"Rachel is a woman who has and is willing to take herself on a profound journey through life's unknown. She has been willing to make herself vulnerable and become open to her inherent life of wisdom. She will be a wonderful guide and mentor for anyone who chooses to engage with her."
- Arohananda Ma, Eyes Open Retreats, Peria Valley.

"I had a beautiful time at this retreat. I loved the pace, activities, learning and growing naturally without pressure. As a person who likes to know things and get things done quickly, i appreciated the time and space to be with myself and realise that everything is OK and that I am OK, even when i do stuff all! How awesome is that?"
- Monique Neal, Auckland


"A nourishing experience from every possible perspective - the teaching, the body movement, the meditations, the food, the setting and the people. Rachel is a wonderful teacher who has a gentle manner yet doesn't pretend to know all the answers - so refreshing."

- Janine L-M, Palmerston North

My wife thought it was a miracle that I would book myself into this course. It was a deeply fulfilling experience and one i hope to keep with me, if not return."
- Luc Hansen, Auckland

"Rachel has amazing facilitation and teaching skills, and I never fail to learn new things from her retreats.
I’ve followed Rachel for some years now because of her groundedness and her ability to teach. Rachel’s focus on holistic wellness has taught me much about integrating meditation and body work into my life. She’s enabled me to connect mind, body and spirit in the most delightful, fun and useful ways. I come away from her retreats renewed, refreshed and reinvigorated."
- Jane McCann, Wellington

"I've learnt some great techniques on how to slow down in a world that is going a million miles an hour."
- Sharyn Pask, Auckland

"I felt like coming to this retreat was a real plunge into the unknown and i had many anxietues about what it was going to be like and inhibitions about being with people I didn't know. Everyone came with such a feeling of acceptance and kindness and that made it easy to be accepting and kind to myself, and to everyone else. Rachel's compassion and sense of fun shone one us too."
- Jo, Auckland

cancellation policy:

  • Full refunds (minus the Eventbrite booking fee, if applicable) are provided up to 2 weeks before any course or retreat starts

  • 50% refunds are provided (minus the Eventbrite booking fee, if applicable), if you cancel within 2 weeks and up to two days of a course or retreat starting

  • No refunds are available within 48 hours of a retreat starting

  • You may transfer your booking to a later retreat, but if this is within 2 weeks of the event, there will be a 10% admin fee (10% of the cost of the cancelled course) incurred

  • If a deposit has been paid to secure a place, $25 of that deposit is forfeited per person in the case of any cancellation prior to 2 weeks before the retreat.

about Rachel


Rachel Tobin is a trained teacher & facilitator who has been practising qi gong and meditation for over 25 years. She leads classes and retreats in mindfulness and movement, and works with clients for mentoring, coaching and the cultivation of wellbeing.  Her own spiritual journey - of rediscovering the natural and inherent joy that comes from simply Being, and all that eclipses that happiness - is increasingly informing her work with others.

Please contact Rachel on 04 905 4179 or 021 473 012 or e-mail: