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Example of contents of mindfulness presentation for managers:

  • Definition of mindfulness and its key principles

  • Benefits of mindfulness

  • The balance of being and doing; the importance of resting the mind

  • Mindfulness and how it relates to leadership and the encouragement of self-responsibility

  • Mindfulness and creativity in the workplace

  • Practice of attention regulation and utilizing the power of present-moment awareness.

  • Use of the senses in mindfulness practice as a tool to be "here, now"

  • Guided mindfulness exercises

  • Managing one's energy states at work to develop sustainable well being

  • How to identify key "stressors" (disturbances) in one's internal environment that inhibit mindful presence.

  • Consideration of the tyranny and power of the thinking faculty of the human mind

  • Discussion and enquiry to share experience and build on the group’s learning

  • Suggestions and resources for ongoing mindfulness enquiry

People say

Victoria University

“Rachel presented a mindfulness workshop for around 100 staff at planning day earlier this year. The task was difficult one – present an idea that was foreign to most of the attendees (many of whom would rather have been elsewhere), in less than an hour. Rachel’s articulate, and easy-going presentation style meant that even the most sceptical members of the audience were open to new concepts and practices. Really happy to have Rachel involved in our planning day and would recommend her to any organisation looking to introduce the benefits of mindfulness to their workforce.”
- Edward O’Connor, Business Services Manager, Victoria University Library, Wellington

Mindfulness Works 2018 Conference

"Rachel is a natural, inspiring and engaging speaker on mindfulness. She has a thorough understanding based on her own in-depth experience and background which is reflected in how she communicates this. Rachel speaks on mindfulness in a highly accessible, original, authentic and articulate way, calling upon traditional approaches combined with her own learnings and creativity.  I highly recommend Rachel as a mindfulness educator and speaker."
- Karl Baker, CE and Director of Mindfulness Works, Australia and NZ

Porirua City Council

"Rachel Tobin has worked for me as Chief Executive of Porirua City Council on several assignments. She has worked very well with my Executive Management Team, ... with humour and thoughtful input and insightful comment.  Rachel created a group dynamic that encouraged team members to be self-disclosing. - I would have no hesitation in recommending Rachel Tobin as a highly skilled facilitator for executive and organisational development".
- Sir Roger Blakeley, Wellington

Open Polytechnic

“As part of our wellness month Rachel gave a presentation on mindfulness. In the one-hour session Rachel went through the benefits of mindfulness, explained exactly what it is, and provided a practical session as well. This session proved to be very informative and valuable to our staff, and many have gone on to practise mindfulness on daily basis. I would definitely recommend workplaces trying this – a fun and informative session.”
- Tanya Coombe, Human Resources, Open Polytechnic, Lower Hutt.

Mindfiulness Traiining

“Rachel is a gifted presenter and public speaker. She’s funny, compellingly clear and open-hearted, weaving personal stories with reflections to create a real engagement with her audience. I greatly appreciate her honesty and earthy wisdom.”  

- Stephen Archer, Principal, Mindfulness Training

Upper Hut City Council

"We put all of our full time lifeguards through the 4-week mindfulness and meditation training to give them a taste.They all thoroughly enjoyed it and found it very beneficial for their active minds. These hour sessions are fabulous and very enlightening. I loved the connecting of mind, body and spirit into one. Highly recommend"
- Kristin Raynes, Assistant Manager H2O Xtream, UHCC

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